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March 17th, 2012 by Vivek Khurana

First Eucalyptus meetup – Delhi (17-March-2012)

  Spent yesterday evening with awesome group of Eucalyptus enthusiasts in Delhi. Those few brave souls which manged to defy the Delhi traffic and still managed to make it to the lush green IIT Delhi campus.

  The day started with Deependra Singh Shekhawat, who works with Eucalyptus as Support Engineer, dropping in at my office around noon time. After feasting over pizza’s and breads we started out for the venue along with Himanshu Anand.

 By the time we reached venue it was all set except, the room we were allocated was locked. After sorting out some confusions we got access to the class room and it turned out, the room was three times bigger than what we had asked for. But at the same time, the room was equipped with a projector and all other facilities.

 Just when we were about to start, it turned out that Deependra’s macbook had a DVI port and the projector supported only VGA. To add to this, we had no DVI to VGA converters. But things cant go wrong technology wise, when you are with a bunch of techies. We quickly connected another laptop to to the projector and connected Deependra’s laptop to first laptop over remote desktop.
  Hence we were set to start. We started with introduction and experiences of audience members with cloud computing. It turned out during introductions that Abhishek Gupta, one of the co-host of the event and a student of third year Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Delhi, has written a cloud controller as an academic project and IIT Delhi is running a cloud setup based on that controller as an experiment in one of the labs.

 After Abhishek finished his introduction to his academic project, Deepnedra started with his presentation on Eucalyptus. In the meantime, we were joined by Tarun Dua, one of the co-founders of . The presentation from Deepndra was good and it turned more into brainstorming and discussions than a normal presentation. The discussions were so engaging that I forgot to click pictures :)

 The presentation was filled with cross questions from audience and lots of inquiries about the features of eucalyptus. Broadly these are the features that audience was interested in

  • Billing module so that one can charge or atleast calculate the usage of the resources.
  • Integration with SAN. Though Eucalyptus supports SAN integration, it is limited to specific SAN devices. We would like to see support for more SAN protocols such as AOE, FCoE, iSCSI and FCP.
  • Support for Hyper V
  • Support for more programming languages for writing plugins in Eucalyptus, specially perl.

 We also discussed few of the security scenarios generic to clouds such as bot-nets, DDoS attack, attacks by exploiting vulnerabilities and cloud outages. Thoug we had no conclusive answers to these. But was still worth discussing.

  The most interesting discussion we had was on SAAS definition in cloud environment. This is where the whole audience was split in two groups. One group claiming that SAAS is when you can configure and customize software to your need, while everyone shares the same codebase V/S if you are running any software in cloud, it is software as a service. The discussion was inconclusive and we moved on to other items in the presentation.

 Overall this meetup helped everyone by deepening the knowledge of eucalyptus as well as eucalyptus deployments. Specially the part where Deependra explained few use cases of organizing CLC, cluster controllers and node controllers.

 I also learned few new things about Eucalyptus from this meetup. I was not aware of VM-islotation , which allows you to run separate VM on a separate VLAN and the VM’s cannot talk to each other when they are separated by VLANs. Also learned that Eucalyptus doesnt support VTP, though I am not yet sure if this support has to go in Eucalyptus stack or in networking gear’s firmware.

Post meetup, we landed up in a restaurant and ordered Brownie-Truffle cake with “Eucalyputs 3.0″ written on it. The cake was delicious and everyone had no options except for licking fingers. That is because, firstly it was awesome and secondly I had already signaled the the staff not to serve spoons ;) . The dinner was good with a goofup where a guy mistakenly ordered 4 times the quantity of breads required and we ended up with this basket of breads, which we could not finish…

Know it has been a long post, so I will leave you guys with link to handful of pics fromat he meetup. Did not click much as I was busy with discussions.

Pics: First Eucalyptus meetup -Delhi

One question still remains unanswered though. Why is amazon innovating in cloud space and we are not ?